Events & promotions

Summary of all important events and promotions for D1 Concepts customers. Loyalty program and special benefits for those who have accompanied D1 Concepts for many years.

Tặng bạn 10% ưu đãi khi đặt món giao tận nơi.

 XIN CHÀO, SAN FU LOU DELI SẴN SÀNG NHẬN ĐƠN! 𝐓𝐀̣̆𝐍𝐆 𝐁𝐀̣𝐍 𝟏𝟎% 𝐔̛𝐔 Đ𝐀̃𝐈 khi đặt món giao tận nơi. Quay trở lại guồng việc tất bật, bạn thấy thế nào?! San Fu Lou cùng chuỗi nhà hàng thuộc hệ thống D1 Concepts – Dì Mai sẽ giúp những ngày “sau Tết” trở nên nhẹ […]


Cực Phẩm mùa Tết “Thì Hoa Nở” chính thức ra mắt !!!

Nhà hàng Dì Mai trân trọng ra mắt sản phẩm hộp quà Tết đặc biệt 2021 chứa đựng nhiều ý nghĩa với chủ đề “Thì Hoa Nở”. Thì” biểu thị sự chuyển giao, sự tiếp nối giữa những khoảng thời gian, Canh Tý qua đi Tân Sửu đến mang đến nhiều may mắn và hy […]


Discover the premium SFL sauce

Created by the talented chef San Fu Lou system – Tran Nhieu Minh, San Fu Lou ‘s XO Sauce and Chili Sauce have been captured customers’ hearts with its 4 special points: ✅ Only use the finest ingredients from Japan, Hong Kong like scallops, salted ham, dried fish…✅ Good, tasty and hygienic✅ Do not use […]


San Fu Lou Tran Duy Hưng – Grand Opening 3/12

Located in the commercial center of Tran Duy Hung, Cau Giay District, the second outlets of San Fu Lou in Hanoi promises to be the perfect destination for those who love Cantonese cuisine. Let’s take a look at the attractive offers waiting on the upcoming GRAND OPENING on December 3, 2019: From December 3 to […]


San Fu Lou Quang Trung Grand Opening

March 10 is a meaningful day for all of us when our 9th outlet will officially open to bring the best Cantonese dishes to diners’ tables. Come visit and receive many attractive offers from now on! From March 10 to March 15– Discount 10% when checking in– Bonus 100,000 VND voucher for all diners From […]


Welcome New Year at Sorae on December 31

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner! Why don’t you visit Sorae – the restaurant with the most spectacular view of the city to witness the moment of fireworks bursting brightly in the sky of Saigon. many special activities will definitely blow you away:  Immerse yourself in the classic love song featured by singer […]