Di Mai Crescent Mall

Tel: +84 285 414 1448
Floor 3, Crescent Mall Phase 2, 101 Ton Dat Tien, Distrist 7, HCMC

Located at Floor 3 Crescent mall Phase 2, Di Mai Restaurant is a great space for diners to dispel all the pressures of life when enjoying the cultural cuisine of Vietnamese cuisine.
Di Mai restaurant with its fearsome dining space would cast your pressure of life aside and help take pleasure in the culinary delights of the country.

From the deep notion of Vietnamese, their cuisine is invariably attached with the image of rustic countryside food. Paying Di Mai a visit, diners would be astonished by the subtle and distinctive architecture language between Vietnamese countryside and Indo-Chinese, reminiscent of the good old Saigon streets, such as a dinner table in the concept of a tuk-tuk. Moreover, the great deal of attention to renovate Ao Dai for waiter/waitress and Vietnamese pattern aprons for chef partly accomplish the unique trait of Di Mai.

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  • New Year Offer for group booking up to 20%

    Let Sorae realize fulfill your dream with attractive offers, up to 20%


    With the revolutions of the modern rhythm, Saigon people gradually forget about the delicious breakfast with the famous dishes throughout various regions of Vietnam. Let Di Mai prepare two delicious breakfast combo for you to boost your energy gradually!

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