San Fu Lou - Cantonese Kitchen

The house of three blessings is the flawless combination of the contemporary designs and traditional Cantonese furniture. The blend of state-of-the-art decorations and ethnic Asian patterns brightens the exquisitely modern dining room among the jam-packaged city out there.An open kitchen, which is a first in Vietnam for a Chinese restaurant, allows diners to take in a visual feast before the food is served.

To a large number of dim sum lovers, scallop and prawn dumplings, duck ones and salted egg buns are all favorable “picks” of San Fu Lou regulars.

Besides, there is nothing better than a traditionally yummy and nutritional bowl of noodle in which they are hand-pulled or stir-fried with tasty toasts. Furthermore, San Fu Lou is also proud of our scrumptious roasts such as Peking ducks.
Working at San Fu Lou, every individual is not simply an excellent servant. They are your culinary companions, who walk you through your appealing Cantonese food journey. Serving you with the nourishing meals is our utter desire.
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