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Combined harmoniously between the modern architecture language and the nostalgic vibe of Indochina, Di Mai reminds all visitors of a gorgeous “Pearl of the Orient” in the 1960s – a peaceful hideout in the middle of the sleepless city Saigon. Indulge yourself with local culinary delights in a trip back-in-time to relive the days of the golden past, let your heart be filled with tenderness and genuine appreciation as the long-forgotten stories be told. If this is what you’re looking for, Di Mai is the answer.

From the deep notion of many people, Vietnamese cuisine is invariably attached to the image of rustic countryside food. Di Mai will change your mind with the delicate integration between funky street foods and traditional cooking techniques throughout various regions, creating delectable cuisines that are modern yet stay true to Vietnamese culinary culture.


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Find your home flavor at Di Mai as each dish is made with dedication and love, embracing the essence of Vietnamese culinary culture and heart-warming stories of the people from then till now.

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Inspired by traditional Vietnamese cuisine, applied the modern cooking style to create the food that both carry the familiar sense yet taste beautiful.

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